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Finding ones passion

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

How to find your #passion and #reinvent yourself - Chat with #UshaMukunda on #NewIndianWoman #podcast, an interesting #librarian and lover of #books and #children

How often do you meet someone who has reinvented herself every 20 years or so ? Currently, she is famous in the world of librarians across India, but that is just one part of her. This is definitely a special episode of New Indian Woman - for we are chatting with someone from a different generation, who sets a very good example and gives us the opportunity to learn so much from her life, thoughts and actions. Yes, this is just Part 1 of the chat with her - you will enjoy this one for sure.

Usha Mukunda talks about her current role with as much humility as she does about her early years being a celebrity in a different era. We talk about her life in 4 parts and why she epitomizes the New Indian Woman. In this episode we talk about the first 3 avatars - the challenges she faced and the learning from them for each of us. We examine these questions - What prompted her to do different things and not give up ? What is the role of a supportive family and what is your responsibility ? How to look at the question "what others would say" ? How was it even possible for one person to reinvent so many times ? Look at her avatars -

1 Avatar - Till her 20s and beyond she was a Table Tennis Player who played at various levels - see this -

  • Played for Bengal from the age of 12 till the age of 19 for the National Championships. i.e. from 1954 to 1962

  • Highest India ranking was No. 3

  • Married in 1963, went to the US and played in the US National Table Tennis Championships in 1965. Reached Semi-Finals there.

  • Returned to India in 1967 to live in Bombay. Played for Maharashtra for the National Championships in 1969 and we won the Team Championships that year. Regained No. 3 India ranking.

  • Moved to Bangalore in 1972. Two year stay at Chennai when she played for Tamil Nadu in the National Games in 1978.

2nd Avatar - till her 40s primarily focusing on family, but not only that!!

3rd Avatar - enrolling for full time course to become a librarian and that was just the start of a new avatar that will be explored in the Part 2 episode.

You want to be inspired and figure out what practical steps you want to take in your life ? Don’t miss this episode.

Listen and share with all the women in your life..

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