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How to know if your family is financially secure without knowing finance?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

#Tips for #NewIndianWoman, especially #WorkingWoman and #stayathomemom on how to handle money without knowing anything about #personalfinance

If you are not an earning member in your family or your money matters is taken care of by your parent/spouse, this episode is for you. After all, you are equally responsible to ensure financial security for your family. There are very clear actionable steps for you from a financial advisor in simple steps in this episode.

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We discuss with Rachna Rego on what is it that you should be aware of on finance and why it is important for you to be aware. What is required in the event of an emergency ? How do you ensure financial security of your family, why you should participate in the planning of your financial goals ? Rachna shares how women tend to value add more in the goal setting process. We also examine the best practice in terms of introducing our children to the world of debit and credit cards, importance of a budget and what all it should contain(well, there is a surprise for you out here), important Don’t's and tips for helping your children handle money.

Listen and share with the women in your life..

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