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Finding time, when you are super busy

What is it about some people who manage to do so much that we feel they seem to have more than 24 hours in a day ? Are they following a specific technique, a golden rule, that we seem to not know about ? Is it that life is easy for them that they do not have to face the challenges that pulls us down ?

When someone, and especially someone who is a woman in a busy job and also a mother, talks about doing something beyond what is required from her roles, the New Indian Woman podcast would like to bring a conversation with her to each one of you.

And if that someone, chooses to write a woman centric detective novel and that too, taking 14 years to do it, what does it mean ? What made her not give up ?

This and more, in part 1 of the conversation with Ms. Harini Nagendra.

Listen on..

As Harini's detective novel, part of a series, has been accumulating a series of awards, we start with why detective novel and not any other genre ? Click here to see a list of the books written by Harini.

We explore why the first book in the detective stories took 14 years and whether being a woman influenced in this timeline!

We discuss a specific article that Harini had shared on social media some time back, in the context of challenges faced by women, especially when they are in creative pursuits. Click here to see the article referred to in this conversation.

We then talk about women without privilege and exposure, who choose to brave difficulties in their chosen pursuits.

We then move on to specific techniques she employs to find/create time for the creative process of writing and the importance of planning.

I welcome you to listen to this episode and share your feedback.

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What the New Indian Woman podcast is about

As you may already be aware, this podcast has 2 focus areas. One, We examine the challenges faced by today's Indian woman and propose ACTIONABLE strategies in the Indian context, on a wide variety of topics - right from identifying their passion to better productivity and parenting. Second, we meet women who chose to aspire or have a dream beyond their defined roles and facilitate sharing of what worked and what didn’t, for them. Today's episode falls in the second category.

And in the process, my aim is to help you, The New Indian woman, to realize your potential, chase your dreams and aspirations, utilize the wonderful opportunities available in today's world.

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