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A Quick Introduction to Planners plus My Planning Story - Episode 35

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Welcome to Planner World! If you are someone busy chasing deadlines and making sure the most urgent tasks are done, this episode is for you. On the other hand, if you are someone who diligently keeps track of to do lists and get a kick out of crossing off items in the to do list, this episode is for you as well. Whether you are someone who is very systematic or you revel in creative chaos, you would definitely gain from using a planner.

Confused ???

And, what exactly is a planner ? How to use a simple notebook as a planner ? Is it too complicated ? What is the biggest advantage of using a planner ?

I try to answer many of these questions and also introduce you to how I plan in this short episode. Listen on ..

What's in this episode:

In this episode we look at how having a planner will help you focus on what you want to do. If you already feel you are there, focussing on what you want to do, then, using a planner will definitely give you peace of mind. We examine how in this episode.

If you are someone who wishes there was more than 24 hours in a day OR

If you are waiting for some day in the future when you will have more time to pursue your passion project or hobby OR

If you are someone who wonders how someone else is able to pack so much in their life whereas you are barely there OR

If you are someone who is trying to keep track of what all needs to be done today or this week… OR

Let me stop here..I hope you got the general idea..

If you are new to the word Planner, let me tell you, it is just a book, like a diary. We get into the details of why and how it is different from a diary.

I go thru my planner, share examples of how it is different from keeping track of to do items and how it helps me.. And how to recover from those periods when life takes over and you need to start again..

And, of course, there is no expectation for you to buy a planner - you could start with a simple note book!!

Listen to lot of practical tips on using a planner in this short episode.

I welcome you to the planner world!

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