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Discover the magic in your smartphone

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

A peep into a new world
Yes, the magic in your smartphone

Of late, I have been asking people I meet if they know about this magic capability in their smartphone. And most often, I hear the answer No. And I am not surprised. This is one aspect of using smartphone that has not become as popular as, say, Whatsapp. Remember, how did you hear about Whatsapp the very first time ? Doesn’t it feel so long back ? But now, using Whatsapp has become very common and we know what we like and well, what we curse about it..

Now, coming to this magic. What if I were to tell you the following things are possible using your current smartphone

  • You can listen to audio shows on your phone. No, I am not referring to music programmes but any audio show - news program, interview, comedy show, a discussion on books, a summary of TED talks - and that too in any specific area of your choice - spirituality, history, psychology, entertainment, finance, sports…. And there are many shows available in Indian languages.

  • You can subscribe to specific audio channels or shows that you like. If you subscribe to youtube channels you already know how this works for video. If you like a particular show and click on subscribe, then as and when there is a new episode, it will be ready in your phone playlist automatically.

  • It doesn’t fill up your phone memory fast unlike videos. So even if you subscribe to say 3-4 audio shows, you wont notice any difference

  • Listen to these using earphones while doing other stuff. Unlike video, you will be surprised how you can listen to good audio programs while also doing other things. For example, when you are doing some mundane tasks (I am sure I don’t have to list them) or while during travel, just start playing an episode from your playlist. I love to listen to these while I go for my daily walks. Earlier, I used to not enjoy going alone and would look for excuses to not walk, but now, I am waiting to listen to these and do my walking!!

  • You don’t need mobile data connection for these to be played. So, if you are used to connecting to broadband at home and do not use data connection while outside, this works perfectly. The new episodes download when you are connected to broadband automatically. So you need not worry about these aspects at all.

  • Yes, it is free

Now, having said all this - you think there is a catch somewhere ? In fact, none..I have benefited by listening to various types of programs over the past 2 years plus and I am wondering why I didn’t start early..

This magic, by the way, is called podcast. You don’t have to feel initimidated by the term podcast. Dont worry about what technology it is, how to learn to use it and whether you will use it properly or whether it can cause any 'harm'. It is really simple.

Click here to listen to what my podcast the New Indian Woman is all about :

If you are still not convinced, please do look at this article - 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Listening to Podcast Today

If you are having an Android phone, please go to Google Play and search for Castbox - or use this link from your phone.

I love Castbox as it features lot of Indian content. In fact you could use any other podcast apps as well - most audio shows are available across many of these apps. For more detailed instructions and options for Android and iPhone, please check out this link .

I am waiting to hear from you on your experience of listening to a podcast. Do comment and share the shows you find interesting..

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Jul 19, 2019

During cricket world cup time, I used to listen to cricket podcasts. I like comedies and AIB podcast is one of my favorite shows. At night before going to sleep to sleep, to unwind, I listen to stories of Mahabharata.

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