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Do you want to know the techniques that worked for me ?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

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Listen to techniques that work for her and her view on freedom
Mala Giridhar, a clinical psychologist from Sirsi

We heard from Mala about her projects, what led her to those and she also shared some techniques that worked for her. I mean, who would have thought about home maker role shifting between the husband and wife. Most of us still hear the story of cooking and child care, 2 important and time consuming(demanding) roles of making a home done by the woman in most households. Is that wrong ? No! Somewhere it is important for the partners who run the family to examine what they want for the home, who is best in doing what and sometimes how to manage if one is not best in doing something.

She also highlighted the need to call out for help. If you are wondering who she is and what I am talking about, do read more in last week's article or head out to listen to the podcast episode 3 here.

In part 2 of the chat with Mala, we started with a question on freedom, on what freedom means to her.

Listen to this episode here :

Mala talked about individual freedom and quite unexpectedly, collective freedom. In fact, I received a lot of positive response from listeners on including this specific question. They told me, it made them think. And then, somewhere one realizes one is not as free as one thinks. Our mindset, our thinking processes, to what extent are these free ? What aspects in our upbringing and our interactions or exposure influences our thinking ? We may not be aware of these and we may assume we are free! I am extremely happy to know that this episode has made at least a few of the listeners aware of how important this question is.

I was quite surprised by some of the techniques she shared as the ones that worked for her in managing home, work and projects. Well, who would have thought of these ?

  • Flexibility about roles and responsibilities at home and how this was made possible

  • Not being rigid about what is in a meal

  • Establishing good relationship with domestic help

  • Delegating some of the work around the house

And of course it was very exciting to hear about her hobbies and her bucket list items - nice to see very different items out here. I am sure many of you would like to hear about these. And it was a pleasure to hear someone saying that she has done most of what she wanted to do!

And do listen to the questions that expected one word response - like one thing she started doing, stopped doing and more…. And towards the end, how even in hard times, what kind of learning emerges..

What aspects of this episode touched you the most ? Do feel free to share..

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