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Do you want to volunteer ? No skills required!

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

A #unique #volunteering #opportunity for all, especially #newindianwoman from Dr Shambavi of #SaveScrapSew

A volunteering opportunity that does not require any skillset, but just your intention to participate and give. Is that possible ? Listen to this wonderful opportunity from Dr Shambavi Rajagopal of Save Scrap and Sew. No, you don’t need to know sewing to participate in this! Plus, you will be impacting people's lives and even contributing to the environment. You could do it for just a couple of hours per week sitting in your house or walking across to a neighbour's house. You could choose to participate or even start something in your neighbourhood - it doesn’t cost a thing - just the intention to contribute.. And Dr. Shambavi will guide us through her journey. Interested ?

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We start with a brief introduction of Save, Scrap and Sew and move on to the impact this has had until now. Then Dr. Shambavi takes us through the journey of this "movement", right from its birth to its recent 5th birthday!

She talks about the importance of starting somewhere with the right intention and how things come together as we go along. She explains how this works - across countries, in multiple locations. How the model of engagement doesn’t require any specific skillset and hence how people of all ages come together and make it more like a community event, with focus on having fun together. She talks about how setting aside just 2 hours a week can create so much impact.

We move on to talking about perfection and how we tend to be harsh on ourselves. And finally, she shares a very interesting message with all women.

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