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Entering the 4th year

Yes, birthday time again…

And time to

  • Reflect on the entire podcast journey

  • Go through the past year

  • Examine how we can engage together in multiple ways

Listen on..

What's in this episode:

As this baby completes 3 good years and enters the 4th year, it is time to pause and reflect on this journey.

As part of the reflection, we also look at the episodes that came out in the 3rd year of the New Indian Woman podcast. In case you missed any of these episodes, this list below will help you identify those and make it is easy for you to click and listen.

  • Episodes where we met Inspirational Women -

    • Uma from banking who resumed her career after a decade's break,

  • Poonam Kasturi from DailyDump who revolutionized the concept of composting touching more than 75000 homes,

  • Ms. Renu Amitabh, a senior government official teaching healthy bread baking to 1000+ people,

  • Sreeranjini of Kavade who followed her passion and set up multiple engagement options around ancient games

  • Episodes on Specific Topics that focus on Practical and Actionable strategies

    • We looked at how to use our mobile phone better as a tool,

  • How checklists can make a big difference in our life

  • Planning techniques - an introduction to GTD(what works for me)

  • Emails - how to spend minimum time and maximize returns

  • Episodes on Specific Topics with guests

    • Switching career after a break with Radhika,

  • Homeschooling - with Pranuti Satyadass

  • Balancing Work and Home - with women across different age groups/life stages

  • Gender based roles at home - with women across different age groups/life stages

  • Living with Mother in law - with women across different age groups/life stages

  • Is Daughter in Law an outsider with a New Indian Woman podcast listener

  • Figuring out my role as Daughter in Law with a New Indian Woman podcast listener

  • Message for young Indian women, women in their 30s to 40s, 40s and above - with a special guest - Jayanthasree Balakrishnan

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