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Entering 5th year with an announcement

Entering 5th year is a milestone, of some kind. In human life terms, one finishes nursery and is getting ready to join first standard, a new stage in life.

This podcast is also entering its 5th year. And it is a wonderful feeling.

I took this opportunity to reflect upon this journey and especially the past year. In this episode, I share my reflection and more importantly, an announcement.

But before all that, I would like to thank each and every one of you who has supported the podcast, be being an avid listener. Some of you have written to me, encouraging me at every step. Thanks once again.

Now, as we get into the next stage, I invite you to give in your suggestions and also let me know how you would like to participate.

Listen to this episode and then reach out to me at

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What the New Indian Woman podcast is about

As you may already be aware, this podcast has 2 focus areas. One, We examine the challenges faced by today's Indian woman and propose ACTIONABLE strategies in the Indian context, on a wide variety of topics - right from identifying their passion to better productivity and parenting. Second, we meet women who chose to aspire or have a dream beyond their defined roles and facilitate sharing of what worked and what didn’t, for them. Today's episode is different from both of the above 2 categories, for, it is a special episode.

And in the process, my aim is to help you, The New Indian woman, to realize your potential, chase your dreams and aspirations, utilize the wonderful opportunities available in today's world.

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