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Experience the Joy of Giving thru Volunteering

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

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Ever wondered how to engage differently and make your skills available to a larger group of people ? And that too without any expectations in return ? Welcome to this episode on volunteering - we start with what we mean by this word and why YOU should consider volunteering. Is this something to be examined later when you are less busy ? Or is it just enough to give money for charity ? And then, of course, some practical examples of where you could start and the biggest barriers you are likely to face. Listen to this episode and I invite you to share your experience in this journey.

Listen here :

We examine the common questions around volunteering - what it is and more importantly, what it is not. We also discuss why you should consider volunteering and when is a good time to start. You may think you are already volunteering, but are you ? .

How to identify areas and how to start - regardless of who you are, how busy you are. We look at practical options and if this gives you ideas or you want to share more, yes, let us do that in the facebook page. And why you need to start now and not sometime in the future.

Something is holding you back ? We examine the barriers we face, especially in the Indian context and how to overcome.

I also share a small anecdote that changed my outlook around volunteering completely. Yes, do not miss this episode.

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