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Good for you and for the earth - ladies, only for you

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Why #MenstruationMatters ? Come, you #NewIndianWoman, let us do some #periodtalkand explore #ecofriendly options in this #podcast episode. You think #clothpad means messy ??

Cloth Pads from Saukhyam

What do we mean by sustainable menstrual options ?

If you are someone who uses disposable sanitary pads or you know someone using this in your family, you definitely need to listen to this episode. We examine a few environment and human friendly options, with particular focus on cloth pads and that too a special type of cloth pad.

Listen to the podcast episode here :

We briefly discuss a couple of available options and then meet with users of Saukhyam reusable menstrual pads. These pads are cloth pads with banana fibre inside. Listen to women from different age groups and activity profiles talking about how they moved from using disposable pads, what made them do this switch, their inhibitions and challenges and how they feel now. You would also hear the feedback they have received from the awareness sessions done by them.

Are you ready for the change ?

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