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How to find time to read more ?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

#Practical #tips for #NewIndianWoman to revive or start the #reading #habit

If you were an avid reader at some point of time in your life and your life has become very busy, I bet you are wanting to read more. And more often than not, you may have tried out a few tips here and there. Still nothing worked ? Looking at practical ways to make reading a part of your life again ?

Yes, this is the episode you should listen to. We discuss practical and simple steps you can try regardless of your age and profile.

If you are new to reading, then, this is the time to start.

These tips take into account what works in the Indian context, for today's woman!

Listen here:

We start with what possibly is the biggest obstacle when you want to make reading a part of your life. You think it is lack of time ? No.. You think it is lack of will power ? No… It has something to do with the changes in your life and your approach to reading.

Then we move on to "What to read" - yes, regardless of where you are - a small town or a city and adapted to today's pandemic situation where one cannot go out - there are tips on how to get hold of what you want to read.

After that is the interesting set of tips on When to read ? More than the time aspect, we discuss other points about our daily life which will help us find the answer to When..

After these small steps, we move on to the next big thing. Some of you may be interested in this part alone.

It is equally important to look at what not to do.

And then there are tips for some of you who may be new to reading.

Well, it is more than 25 tips - yes, you could pick and choose and start with a few.

These tips worked wonders for me and they were arrived at after quite a lot of research.

Listen on to get the details of each tip and examine how you want to adapt the same in the context of your life.

You want to be inspired and figure out what practical steps you want to take in your life ? Don’t miss this episode.

Listen and share with all the women in your life..

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