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Is your child at risk of Sexual Abuse ?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

What a #NewIndianWoman should know about #ChildSexualAbuse

We keep hearing about reports of Child Sexual Abuse and worry about our children. Or, we ourselves have memories we would like to hide further. Isnt it time we understood more about this ? Do we realize that what we know already about child abuse and child sexual abuse is likely to be not based on facts? Yes, our sons and daughters don’t tell us because we create that atmosphere at home, maybe unknowingly ?

It is time we understood more on this topic, yes, this typically taboo topic. Listen to the conversation with Kalpana Purushothaman who has worked with children and adult survivors of child sexual abuse for several years.

Listen to the podcast episode here :

We start examining popular myths around child sexual abuse(CSA) - on boys vs girls, of why we hear about this more these days, risk during vacation... We move on to how law enablement has actually helped each one of us regardless of whether we want to report a case of CSA.

We try to understand abuse and then what all comes under CSA. Yes, even bullying can come under this! How CSA can happen even without any physical contact and why it is impractical on our part to expect our children to talk about this in the current context.

We discuss to what extent CSA impacts children and what all influences this, why children who are abused once become more vulnerable and finally, what does it mean for us as parents.. What is it that we should know, how do we accept this can happen in our homes and how to react to the child?

Listen and share with all the women in your life..

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