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Moms role and more

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Finding time for everything and mom role
Divya Uma of Azim Premji University or APU

Did you get to listen to my recent chat with Divya Uma, ,faculty at Azim Premji University?

Listen to the episode here :

The episode covers a whole lot of things, right from what influenced Divya's areas of interest and her current roles. We discuss how she manages to do so much. For me, I couldn’ t help registering the role of her mom coming across throughout the chat.

So you may wonder, what is different ? Isnt that what moms do anyway ? Yes, yes and yes!! Hence we need to examine this more .There is a huge amount of learning for any moms out there and any moms to be!

Let me highlight a few.

  • First, Divya talks about being outdoors while growing up - outdoors watching birds and trees - it is important to note that she wasn’t running from one tuition to the other not finding time for these.

  • She talks about not having the pressure to join her parents' profession. And that too, when the in thing those days was to prepare everyone for engineering or medicine. I mean those days it was not as if so many career options were coming up across. I admire her parents' courage for not opting for the "safest" route to ensure a smooth life for their daughter.

  • Her mother's role in guiding her to find courses related to her areas of interest. This was not the period when info was available to google and find in a minute, mind you. I am impressed by the mother's role as a guide here!

  • The mother's decision to make her go to a hostel. How many of us would opt for that keeping in mind the advantages of hostel life in shaping the child's personality? Don’t we opt for the easier option of having the child around the house, wanting the child to focus on studies while we are ready to do everything else for him/her ?

  • When I was discussing aspects about how she manages her time across her various activities , the response was amazing. It was about learning from her mom and grandmom, by observing over a period of time. Oh, how I liked this particular part. There is so much that our children learn from what we do and how we go about in our own lives. And it is important that we be mindful of the same. We teach our children not by doing stuff that they are supposed to so, but doing what we are supposed to do ourselves, in an efficient manner ..

These are but a few of the points highlighting the mom's role. And when Divya spoke about how they together spend their free time, I was again wondering how many young adults of today would be wanting to do that.. Maybe I should record a session with Divya's mom also one of these days, what do you say ?

In today's world I often see moms(including me) wanting to do so much and in the process we are missing something big. I am reminded of the phrase Not seeing the forest for the trees!

Apart from the learnings from what Divya has shared about herself, it would be good if we also ponder over this question - In detailing out how our children spend almost every minute of the day and trying to help in each of the activities they are involved in, are we doing the right thing ?

Do not miss to listen to this episode and share your views

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