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My Big Goal for this year

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Aug 17th of this year was an important date for me. This is a special day for many people from my region as it is New Year's day as per the local calendar. For me, Aug 17th has been a special date at least on 3 important occasions before. First was the day I enrolled for Engineering course all those years back. Once again, 4 years later, the day I joined my dream job in Bangalore. And 20 years later, the day I announced my decision to leave the corporate world. So, it is almost like me and Aug 17th have a special bond!

Like I have shared earlier, I started listening to podcasts(again in August in 2017). Then I made it a habit to listen to interesting and engaging content over the next 6 months. And then it clicked!! This is the medium I will use to reach out to women in India. This will have content relevant to us and will be a platform to share and learn from each other.

I was not sure how to target women who lead busy lives. I am sure many of them are on the lookout for something that will make their lives better. Does it make sense for me to expect them to do search and research and find content in some blog or website ? Of course not. It became very clear to me that a podcast is the option for them. It would not demand any extra time from their already busy schedule.

And then about the women who may have time on their hands, but are limited by their extent of awareness or lack of aspirations. I guess they are more likely to chance upon a podcast(hopefully) than written content available somewhere.

But then, how to do a podcast ? Is it even possible from home? What is required ? How long does it take ? I had no idea!! Some minimal research made one thing very clear to me - it is doable. Yes, there will be lots of challenges and I will have to move out of my comfort zone, but definitely doable. This is not like me as an individual wanting to go to moon!

So, in the first week of Jan 2019, I did something - no, not New Year's resolution. I set my goals for the year. And Goal 1 was to launch a podcast on August 17th of this year!! Yes, it was a SMART goal with its milestones also defined very clearly. More about SMART goals in another post..

Again, something happened in the same first week of Jan that made my mind take it as a positive signal. In fact, it turned out to be a spring board for me!! Watch this space to find out what the positive signal was..

Meanwhile, listen to the intro episode I launched on Aug 17th thru any of these podcast platforms. And, please do not forget to click on subscribe in your favourite Podcast app!

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