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Practical tips for Sustainable Living

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Not a drop in the ocean, but a ripple effect
Yes you can make a difference

Have you examined your lifestyle and what you do on a daily basis from a different angle - in terms of how it impacts our environment ? Would you believe if I tell you that you may be doing so many things that are harmful to the environment ? Do we want to actually continue doing this ? Is it possible to create an impact from a small change that you do ? I hope these questions interest you..

In this episode, we essentially look at small steps from each one of us that can lead to a big benefit for the environment.

Listen to the podcast episode here :

What's in this episode:

This episode focusses on what we can do to live in a more sustainable manner.

Be it our choices of what we buy, how we dispose the waste, what all we choose to use - every single thing has an impact. The journey is also about being aware of this impact and deciding what choices to make.

In this episode I share some of my practices, not that I am an expert. Prabha of Blumadegreen whom we listened to in Episode 9, also has shared quite a few things that she does or doesn’t do, in this episode.

I am eager to know what all you have tried in this area - do write to me at If you would like to engage with like minded friends, come over to

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