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Sorry, I Forgot

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Tips to ensure you dont end up saying this...ever
Do you keep saying this ?

How many times do we say this every day ? I am happy there is no app yet that counts this !!

I have often wondered the context in which I end up saying this phrase. And almost always, it is when I have had an informal talk with someone. You know, you meet someone while on your morning walk or at your child's school or someone calls up for a chat. And the conversation moves to a point where I have something to share with them or I need something from them. I may say, "Yeah, I will share the name of this book with you". Or "Yeah, I will remind you to share that website you were referring to". These look very trivial. But I always wonder what thought or impression I leave with the other person , about me.

When someone else promises stuff like this, I don’t feel hurt when they forget to reach out to me later. No, I don’t judge them either. But, on the instances when they do make it a point to keep their word, I feel so happy. Like, when they share the name of the book or a website they promised they will share. Somehow, I am able to trust them more. The next time they say something I already know they will do it. And I love that feeling. And I love for others to have that feeling about me.

Yeah, these are about the smaller day to day things. I do remember the umpteen instances when queries were asked on the office corridor, or concerns were expressed or meeting needs were raised. And every time I made it a point to remember and get back to the person later, it made a big difference. Regardless of whether the person was my boss/team member/customer/vendor/partner.

I am not worried about the formal settings - like a meeting or a call for a particular purpose. Then, you are all prepared with some mechanism for taking notes. Even those calls where I was driving was not a concern since I ensured someone on the call took the minutes and shared the same later.

However, I have found the difference in these informal meet ups and the actions that come out of them. I have seen those as opportunities. Opportunities to build trust in the relationships, with the people involved.

I discuss the techniques to remember things to do in Episode 2 of New Indian Woman podcast titled "How to stop forgetting to do things". These are techniques I have learnt from people and have used over the years.

Listen to the podcast episode here :

What about you ? How do you ensure you don’t forget your commitments to others and to yourself ?

What's in this episode:

In this episode, we will look at step by step methods to address this problem so that you could focus more on what you want. The nagging feeling you get of having forgotten something - let this be a thing of the past. When you do something, allow your mind to engage fully in that task. Wondering how ? Let us examine the methods and also, how to make this into a habit!

These are explained in the 3 step process of Prepare, Capture and Make this into a Habit.

Where do I start ?

Use the free customizable sheet Reference List of Tasks available for download at

Implement the Prepare, Capture and Make into a Habit processes..

And you are all set! Do share this episode with your friends and do let me know what techniques work for you by writing to

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