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Starting small - are you ready ?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Products from BluemadeGreen and a Photo by SteenJepsen
From needle & thread to a range of products from BluemadeGreen

These days we hear a lot of success stories about people who dared to dream big, take risks and have a jumpstart. I have always felt they are very brave and extremely confident. Yes, indeed it is nice to hear about them and even wonder what it takes to be like them. Is that the only recipe for success ?

Most of us tend to think that somehow they are different and it is not possible for us. Assuming this is true, does it mean we cannot do anything ? Does it always require us to be so brave, confident and wanting to take risks ?

This is where Prabha's story is so different and refreshing. There were no big dreams whatsoever. She started small - in fact she wanted to do something and opportunities came knocking. At the outset you may think she was lucky to get those opportunities. I have a different view.

Here is someone who wanted to do something, not sure what. When there was some activity in her apartment she chose, yes, she chose to display somethings, though she did not have any products at that time! Well, after that it has been a series of small steps, one step leading to another and before long, BlumadeGreen was born in a very niche area, of upcycling denim.

There was absolute minimal investment, maybe no business plan, and one (wo)man army. And slowly, she let her customers influence her product range, her business model and operations.

The story may strike familiar especially at the start, when she refers to how she decided to be at home for her daughter after working for many years before that. What comes across is how this is conveyed, not as an option she had to end up with or as a sacrifice, but as a choice. Plus, she insisted she was clear she wanted to do something.

Are you wondering whom I am referring to and in what context ? Listen to Episode 9 of New Indian Woman podcast - Chat with Prabha of Bluemadegreen here.

It is indeed inspiring.

Once you listen, I encourage you to think about what you want to start small with. It need not be a business concept at all. Something that you have talent, something you are interested in - don’t know what that is ? No problem, do start interacting with more and more people, participate in activities and events in your neighbourhood and your social circle. You will suddenly find some opportunity popping up here and there and very soon you would have started small.. All the best for that.

What would you like to start small ? Do feel free to write to me at or like and follow

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