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What all do you tend to forget to do ?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Is it possible to arrive at a checklist of actions that one should look at from time to time ? There is no one answer for this. Each of us is likely to go thru our memory and try to check this in a different manner.

What happens when we have forgotten to do something and we are unable to figure out what exactly that is? What does our mind do then ? Based on what works for me, I have created this mind map. It is a list of things our mind races through when we try to recollect what we forgot.

The projects we are in, our customers, our boss, team members, whom we met or spoke with today, things around the house! Each of this is a cue to remember if some action is pending in that context.

Download this mindmap, customise it to include more and more items that may be relevant for you. The mind map is available here.

For instructions on how to use this mindmap and related techniques, do listen to Episode 2 of the New Indian Woman podcast titled "How to stop forgetting to do things" on your favourite Podcast App or by clicking here.

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