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What are you waiting for ?

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Are you #waiting to get #lessbusy and for the right #opportunity and #FreeTime ? Listen to this episode of #NewIndianWoman #podcast

Perpetually waiting for "my time"
Photo by Phong Bùi Nam

Most often, we hear people, especially women, saying this "I want to do so many things, I don’t know when I will get the time to do it".

I am not referring to the things that manage to creep up into the To Do list and refuse to go away. I am talking about things that just do not enter the To Do list at all - like wanting to resume learning music that one left during college or wanting to do something for the society, wanting to start a business and so on. I could add more and more things to this list. But you get it, each one of us will have atleast one thing that we don’t put on any To Do list. And we are likely to remember these "wishes" lying deep in our heart when we have those low moments, when we feel we are taken for granted, when we feel we have sacrificed a lot… you get it, right ? And we do sometimes forget these interests completely. They are buried so deep and for so long that they just disappear. Only to come and stare at you after many years, when you may not have the physical or mental energy to pursue them!

If you are in doubt, I strongly urge you to speak to a few women about the age of 60. Ask them these questions - what did you wish to do in your early twenties ? What do you now think you did not have opportunities to do when you were younger ? Or you had opportunities, but could not seize them ? And why do you think you could not do them - what kept you away from those ?

Once again I am reminded of the child waiting at the beach for the waves to stop, to go home. Would it ever happen ? Like that, we could wait for years together for the busyness to slow down by itself, where we get more free time from our responsibilities. Are we going to wait for ever for these responsibilities to go away and time and opportunity to show up by themselves ? Or, would you want to create some time for these in the first place ?

Yes, squeeze in some time for what you want to do. You will have doubts on where to start, how to start or even what your interests are ? But then, the first step is to squeeze in some time - call it Time for my Dream!! If you think you can set aside time for this on a daily basis, it is not likely to happen. Better try to set aside a few hours, say 2-3 hours for this per week. Then, you have the flexibility of finding slots during the entire week!!

And the next step is to eagerly look out for opportunities. You could research, find if options are available for you to start. But then, do keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to engage in your dream pursuit.

I would encourage you to listen to one such story. Yes, this is the life story of a young woman, working in IT firm, notorious for its demands on one's time. Plus she is the mother of twin girls. What did she do to engage in her dream ? How did she make it possible ? Do listen to Episode 8 of New Indian Woman podcast here.

Would you want to discuss with me or with others about your challenges or success in this aspect ? Do feel free to write to me at or like and follow

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