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Where am I headed this year ?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

No matter your #profile, it is important for #newindianwoman to #reflect and perform a #HalfYearly #review

Another month silently rolling across and we are in the middle of the year already! What does it mean to you ? This very special year, when any plan anyone has made around the world has been made completely redundant..what does reaching the half yearly mark really mean ?

Well, it has affected everyone. And we really do not know what is in store for us. Yes, this is true generally, but more so this year. But still, do we want to be carried along in this wave ? Is there something we can do - maybe small steps, maybe teeny weeny steps that may lead to something else in future ? That is what this episode is all about. Don’t miss it, you may want to mull over and start picking up one area. Come on, join the journey..

Listen to the podcast episode here :

We go through the process of a Half Yearly review. And this is regardless of whether you have set Goals at the beginning of the year.

And this episode is applicable to all, regardless of your profile, a college goer, stay at home mom or working on a job and regardless of your age. We examine how we could do the review, what questions to ask ourselves and discuss a few examples.

And of course, we examine the benefits of doing this review. Are you ready to chart out the next 6 months of the year ?

Listen and share with all the women in your life..

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