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Words you associate with The New Indian Woman

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Yes, I asked 30 of my friends exactly this question. In fact, I asked them what are the 3 words that come to their mind on hearing this phrase - ' The New Indian Woman'. Without thinking much, immediate reaction, is what I requested.. And out those words came, popping out one after another..Did I see words that I didn’t expect ? Of course yes, there were quite a few of those words as well.

Yes, my sample size of 30 is a very small number, from any research perspective. But, did I say I am into research ?? This was just my friends, from different backgrounds and age groups - girls in their mid teens to women touching the magical 40. And a few guys, too, just for fun.

And here is what the Word map looks like. You would find many words that mean the same thing. Yeah, I don’t want to twist or interpret them, so all of them are there in this word map.The size of the word indicates how frequently the same word has been used by many people. If everyone had given different words, this word map would have had all words of the same font/size.

So, what are the top 3 words from this ? Empowered, Independent and this was a surprise for me, Stressed Out.. Do you agree ? What are your top 3 words to describe the New Indian Woman ?

Welcome to this first post in a journey to discover and be the New Indian Woman - a forum for us to share, identify what it actually means, and to live it..

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