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You are earning, but want to run away from financial matters ?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

#Tips for #NewIndianWoman, especially #WorkingWoman on how to handle money without knowing anything about #personalfinance

Are you the young Indian woman who is earning an income ? Welcome to Episode 14, where I chat with Rachna Rego, a financial advisor.

Listen to the episode here :

We look at what you should start doing , especially if you are a young working woman. We discuss about the early stages of beginning to earn and then we walk thru the financial steps that one needs to be doing when one gets into marriage and "settling down" in life. No, we do not discuss financial terms at all!!

We examine why it is important for women to know basics of finance and not run away from it. How to go about the basics ? No, this is not a class that teaches finance fundamentals. It focusses on what you need to do for better financial health. There are very clear actionable steps for you from a financial advisor in simple steps.

We also discuss the Donts - on credit card, on loans and what not.. We examine current trends including how to approach getting into your passion projects that may not earn money in the initial days.

Listen and share to the young women in your life..

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