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You want to help your child to get ready to be an adult ?

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Arent you interesting in finding out how you could best help your child to get ready to become an adult ? Giving education, inculcating the right values, importance of responsible living, yes, you may be doing all this. Have you forgotten an important component ? Yes, about the day to day living ! Regardless of the role your child is going to perform in future w.r.t career, role in the society, he/she should know these things. And in the process you may be teaching beyond the basic skills - yes, research says so!!

We explore questions around day to day living, more particularly, about running a house. We assume our children will be ready to do this one fine morning. Is that true ? What are the challenges they face when they start to live on their own ? How can you help them and when do you start ? We go through all this in this episode of New Indian Woman podcast.

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We examine a few stories and see what we tell ourselves about our children and what we do for them and the consequences. We discuss how we can play a role in rearing the child on these aspects without gender playing a role.

We examine the pros and cons of the different views around rearing children in the context of household chores. We also discuss research findings in this regard. And surprising ones at that - yes, doing chores is not only about developing skills to do these chores - it helps them even in their career and in their interactions with people!! Did you know that ?

Finally, we come to actionable steps w.r.t different age groups of children.

Listen and share with the women in your life..

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