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Challenges young Indian women face at workplace

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

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What kind of challenges do women face at workplace ? Is it the same for all ? Does it change based on age, profile, stage in life etc? Interaction with a few women on what they face and how they overcome the challenges. Listen on ..

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We speak to two young women from the IT industry and it is amazing to hear from them what they consider are the challenges. What does it mean to be a young woman in today's workspace ? Do they feel freedom ? Do they get reminded of their gender when it comes to day to day life ? And what are the steps they have taken ?

This is just part 1 of a series exploring the challenges women face. In a subsequent episode we will speak to women of a different profile.

Regardless of your age and profile, you will find either new information or you may relate to these challenges and get inputs on how to address them.

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