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First Birthday it is !!!

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Yes, it is one year of New Indian Woman podcast. A big thanks to all of you for your support by listening, giving feedback and sharing with your friends and relatives.

This episode lets you into some tips on how best to listen to podcasts and the simple steps you need to do for the same.

We do reflect on the episodes of last year, go behind the scenes a little and there is the single biggest learning from all the inspiring women whom we met in this past one year. Don’t miss this episode. Listen here

What's in this episode:

You feel some of the episodes are long? Most likely, you are not listening to podcasts in the recommended way. Or, putting it differently, there is a secret why podcasts have become so popular the world over in recent years. Tune in, to find out what that is..

When we look back at the past year, I see 2 areas where I made mistakes. Looking back, it is funny why I made those assumptions.

Interested in a snapshot of what all wonderful things we covered across the year ?

Plus there are some nuggets on how the podcast thing is actually done and interesting moments out there..

And before we close, there is a wonderful tip or learning from all the amazing women we met through these episodes last year.

Do not miss this episode, and thanks once again.

Listen and share with all the women in your life..

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